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About Shedaway...

God called Moses to deliver His people from slavery and suffering.  He heard their cries for redemption.  He planned to lead them to a land which was beautiful.  They would prosper under His blessing and protection.  Moses heard God calling him and he answered "Here I am."


In the same way, God has called me to share His message of salvation and hope directing people to Him where they will be changed forever.   I too have said to God "Here I am."


God will equip those who want to live a life of purpose and transformation to walk in the plan for their lives which He has destined them to have.​ 


For over 30 years of being involved in full time ministry alongside my husband I have seen far too many Christians accepting the lie from Satan that they cannot live a life of fulfillment while on earth.


God wants to lead you from your wilderness experience, taking you to your Land of Promise.  That Land of Promise is living a life of fulfillment despite your circumstances.


God transcends cultural and all other boundaries, making it possible for us to live as He intended.

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