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Our Self Image

Self-Image is HUGE! It impacts everything we do on a daily basis. How we view ourselves can either help the Kingdom of God or it can take away our fruitfulness for God.

I grew up during a time when humbleness was key to our appearance or attitudes in life. Everyone was more important than I was and in fact I was lower than low. This was how I was to see myself, I was nothing, could do nothing and I dared not try to achieve anything.

God however, did not think that He created a “nothing.” He created me for a specific purpose and to Him, that was an awesome plan. God took me on a long journey to help me see that humbleness is not negating His beautiful, perfect creation. Although He does want us to consider others, He does however, want us to walk with our heads held high so that He can accomplish His will for our lives.

I kept feeling this tugging in my heart to study for the ministry and be my husband’s assistant. My husband kept encouraging me and would remind me that God did not create “rubbish” as I kept referring to myself.

So I set out to do a study on Self-Image. I came to discover that nowhere in Scripture does God refer to His creation as anything less than beautiful and that each one of us has a unique task in life to assist Him in His Kingdom building here on earth.

He created us to continue the mission of His Son Christ which is to bring the gospel to everyone who will accept it.

Genesis 1:26 is where I realized how God sees us.

Then God said, “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us…”

This was my “aha” moment in my journey of seeing myself through the eyes of God. God loves His creation and it is an insult to Him when we deny His power at work in and through our lives. We need to accept the challenge He gives us of being His Vessels and walk proudly in His amazing plan for us.

Of course it is a daily walk and there are times when I still struggle to see myself as being a temple of God wherein He lives and works through.

Is there anyone else out there who struggles with their self-image? How have you overcome your struggle?


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